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In Norway, Marine Harvest has farming, processing, distribution and sales activities. With several farming and production sites along the Norwegian coast, this unit controls every phase of the value chain, from smolt production to the sale of fish.

The main product is salmon, sold as whole fish or filets. Other species include halibut, which is produced in Sterling White Halibut. Marine Harvest Ingredients produce salmon byproducts. For more information about Sterling White Halibut and Ingredients, please see separate sections. Marine Harvest corporate headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway.

Marine Harvest Norway AS
Sterling White Halibut AS
Marine Harvest Cod AS
Marine Harvest Ingredients
Marine Harvest ASA

Mainly Atlantic Salmon – fresh, frozen, filleted. Salmon byproducts. White halibut. 

Contact information:
Sandviksboder 78a, 5035 Bergen, Norway
Tel.: +47 21 56 23 00
Fax: +47 21 56 23 01
E-mail: Norway@marineharvest.com
Web: www.marineharvest.no

Sales office:
Grimmergata 5, 6002 Ålesund

Order management office:
4130 Hjelmeland

Sales & order management:
Tel.: +47 21 56 23 00
Fax: +47 21 56 23 01



Published date: 05 Jul 2012


 Broodstock in Bjugn and Askøy

 Hatchery at Ljøsøybukta in Hordaland (Cold water) and Rørvik in Nord Trøndelag (Halibut)

 28 fresh water sites in Region South, West, Mid og North

 100 seawater sites along the entire Norwegian coast

 Processing plants in Herøy, Ulvan, Eggesbønes and Ryfisk

Corporate headquarter and national head office in Bergen. Sales office in Ålesund and Hjelmeland (Coldwater)

 Corporate office in Oslo. Logistics terminal at Gardemoen.

 Local web site: www.marineharvest.no

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