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In Chile, Marine Harvest has farming, processing, smoking, distribution and sales activities. The main product is Atlantic salmon.

Name of companies:

  • Marine Harvest Chile S.A.
  • Delifish S.A.

The main product is Atlantic salmon, sold fresh and frozen in a variety of forms such as: whole, fillets, steaks, boneless fresh. Smoked salmon is an additional product.

Main operations are located in Puerto Montt and Chiloé Island (X and XI region).

Local CSR projects/CSR partnerships:

  • Project to replace the lakes and estuary sites for recirculation systems in land
  • Sponsoring the Classical music festival in Frutillar
  • Construction of roads, connection to electricity in remote places
  • Training program for children and teachers of 5 rural schools.
  • Constant support for rural schools
  • Agreement with “Escuela de la Cultura”
  • Creation of the MH Art Award

Contact information:
Ruta 226 km 8, Camino el Tepual
Puerto Montt
Central telefónica: +56 65 2221000
Recepción: +56 65 2221700
Gerencia: +56 65 2221901
E-mail: chile@marineharvest.com

Processing plant addresses:

  • Delifish smoking plant: Camino a Chinquihue km 12, Puerto Montt
  • Tepual Processing Plant: Ruta 226 km 8 Camino Tepual, Puerto Montt

Miami Sales office:  
8550 NW 17TH Street, Suit 105 Miami/Florida, USA
Tel.: + 1 3055918550
Fax: 3055918594

Published date: 18 Oct 2013


 9 fresh water sites in region 9 and 10

 10 sea water sites in region 10

 VAP plant in Calbuco in Puerto Montt

 Regional head office in Puerto Montt 

Species available in this country:

Sales contact:

Social responsibility


Activities in value chain: